Raw Food Diet

Proponents claim a raw food diet has a multitude of health benefits. Is this true? According to raw foodists science backs up their claims and proves that raw food is the healthiest choice for everyone.

Raw Food Defined

At first glance it may appear that a raw foodist lives on carrot sticks and apples. But, it is so much more. Raw foods can be combined to make delicious, wholesome meals.

The raw food diet is a diet of unprocessed and uncooked plant foods including fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Even sprouts are included on a raw food diet. A limited amount of foods that have been processed are also acceptable. These processed foods include cold pressed olive oil, nut butters from raw nuts, and foods that have been fermented such as kimchee.

Why Raw Foods?

It has long been known that cooking food removes healthy nutrients. In fact, for years many people have increased the amount of raw foods they eat. Salads and other uncooked fruits and vegetables are more popular with the general public than ever.

A diet of raw foods goes further than a salads a few times a week and fruit for breakfast. Science has shown that heating food above the temperature of 116°F kills important enzymes. These enzymes are necessary for proper digestion. Once digestion enzymes are eliminated from your diet your body will store undigested food and food that is not absorbed as toxins.

The Science

The raw food diet is supported by research and scientific studies. It has been shown that switching to a diet of raw foods will immediately improve your health. For the first time you are feeding your body a plethora of vitamins and minerals that are full of enzymes which boost your immune system.

Food cooked to 116°F is warm to the touch. Even at this low temperature important enzymes are destroyed. You need these enzymes to function – to walk, talk, and breathe.

The body comes naturally stocked with a store of digestive enzymes at birth. As you age this store of enzymes is depleted. It needs to be reloaded. The best way to replenish your store of enzymes, say the scientific studies, is by consuming a diet high in raw foods.

Once food has been cooked it is more difficult for digestion to occur. As mentioned before, this inability to digest food can cause toxins to form in your body which lead to diseases and illness.

Still Confused?

Think of the enzymes in your body as money in your savings account. Just as with money, you make withdrawals from your enzyme account. Also, just as with your savings account you must put something back into the account for it to be viable. In the case of enzymes you must ‘deposit’ more enzymes.

Raw foods are the best way to make this deposit. They are scientifically proven to not only boost your immune system – they will improve mental functioning and give you more energy.

One of the best raw vegan diets is the 80/10/10 diet. Sometimes called the 811 diet, this eating program was developed by Dr. Douglas Graham. It is popular with many athletes because it focuses on health and physical fitness. This particular diet proposes you eat 80 percent carbohydrates found in fruit, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence for the raw food diet involves the human lifespan. On average, studies show, the human lifespan is increased from 70 years of age to 100 years of age for the raw foodist. The raw food diet does not guarantee you an extra 30 years, but it will make all of your remaining years the best they can be.

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