My reasons for eating a raw food diet

Today I am going to share a brief story of why I decided to switch to a live food or raw food diet. I was a vegan for a lot of years since I was 35, for health reasons and so I could run better. Then I thought I might be missing some nutrients so I added white meat chicken, fish and nonfat and low fat dairy products for a lot of years. I always want to function in all areas of my life to my full potential. For over 30 years I have been doing research in this area. I noticed for a lot of years and more so now that I am older, I had less energy in the morning than I did the night before I went to bed. I always managed to do my exercise and felt better. However as soon as ate my cooked oatmeal, I had no energy. I just wanted to take a nap, and I did. I could not complete all the projects I had planned for my life. I have been eating close to 50% raw for a lot of years now. I found out after more research about 6 months ago that we are not designed to eat cooked food. Cooked food is toxic. After eating 100% raw food, and by that I mean mostly fruit and some vegetables. After eating like this for just one day, I had so much energy. My head cleared. I knew I had to create this site. I want to educate people on the healthiest way to eat. There are thousands of excellent websites on this topic. Do not just come to my website. Do your research and come to your own decision. One of the books I have been recommending is The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham. He has trained world class and professional athletes in this type of nutrition, and brought their performance to higher levels. Our digestive system uses more energy than any system in the body. When we eat a cooked meal, it takes 60-75@ of the body’s energy to digest it. This does not leave much energy left to restore, rebuild our cells and perform our daily tasks. When we eat like we were designed to eat, we hardly use any energy. Now I am no mathematician, but 5% verses 60-75% is hard to ignore.

There are a multitude of benefits to eating a live food, raw food diet but that is for another time. Until we talk again, live long and prosper.