Eating a Raw Food Diet

Eating a raw food diet can mean big changes in your health. Scientific studies show positive proof that a diet high in living foods and low in flesh and processed foods can treat and prevent health problems. The big question often asked is ‘how do you start’?

Beginning a Living Diet

Eating a Raw Food DietEating a raw food diet requires you to completely throw away old eating habits and incorporate new ones into your lifestyle. You will be eating new foods and using various preparation methods that may be new. You will find this new diet delicious and the food easy to prepare.

The first step is to make a commitment. For the first few days eating raw food may leave you with cravings for your old favorites – french fries, steaks, and other unhealthy foods. This is because your body is undergoing a detoxification.

The detox process is very important. During this process all of the toxins and chemicals stored in your body’s fat cells will be flushed away. Once they are out of your body you should no longer experience cravings. And, as soon as these poisons have been removed you will immediately have more energy and begin to see a reduction in health problems.

The Reasons for Eating Raw

There are many reasons for eating raw food. Numerous people are interested in losing weight while others are looking to become healthier. Athletes eat living foods to keep in shape and on top of their game.

No matter why you begin eating raw food, chances are you will continue with it because of the amazing results. Weight will melt off of your body because you will be filling your body with body digestive enzymes. These enzymes help you digest food and rev up your metabolism.

Digestive enzymes are destroyed when food is cooked. Eating raw foods replenishes the enzymes your body uses. As you age you have fewer and fewer of these enzymes to help break down food, hence the weight gain and slower metabolism that comes with aging.

Raw Food Basics

A raw food diet consists of getting 75 percent of your calories from living foods. These foods include raw fruits and vegetables and cold processed foods such as kimchee and raw nut butters.

Eating a raw food diet involves cutting things out of your current diet. You will no longer be consuming meats, fish, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or processed foods. These foods have no important nutritional value and contain various toxins that you can well do without.

Dr. Douglas Graham is a raw foods expert. He pioneered the 811 diet. On this diet you consume 80 percent of your calories from raw and fresh fruits, 10 percent from proteins, and 10 percent from fats.

Followers of the 811 diet claim to have the most success when eating Dr. Graham’s way. His program is followed by many athletes and average people who want to be the best they can be.

Extend Your Life

Eating a raw food diet can not only give you more years – it will also give you the health to enjoy those years. Studies show that a raw food diet can extend the average life span from 65 to 100 years.

If you want to be the best you can be then begin eating a raw food diet today. Make a commitment to learn all you can about the health advantages of living foods and learn to prepare of variety of meals using these amazing, healthy foods!

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