Eating Raw

Eating raw foods is a part of a new health revolution. Around the globe more and more people are beginning to recognize the many benefits of a raw foods diet. What first gained popularity in recent years as a conditioning diet for athletes is now common with the average person.

Why Raw?

Eating RawEating raw food has been scientifically proven to improve your overall health. Prominent universities such as Cornell University have studied the effects of raw foods on the aging process, on cancer, and on numerous other ailments and diseases.

Cooking foods or heating them above an average temperature of 115°F has been shown to kill all of the healthy nutrients that naturally exist in fruits and vegetables. Eating these foods when cooked is not as healthy as previously thought. To get the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables you must consume them raw.

A Healthy Life

The positive research results seen from raw food has led to many raw or living diets. These diets encourage dieters to eat at least 75% of the food they consume in its raw, natural state.

You will see an instant improvement in your health when you begin a raw diet. The nutrients from raw foods will result in a wide range of benefits from more energy to less pain.

Once you begin to notice improvements in your health you will notice improvements in your lifestyle. You will find that a raw food diet gives you more energy throughout the day. Your mind will be clearer and you will have an inner peace that was previously absent.

Why Your Lifestyle Changes

The changes that result from a raw diet are due to the nutrients discussed earlier which are found in raw foods but destroyed through the cooking process. Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes all work to keep you healthy and active.

If you experience health problems from high sodium a raw diet will definitely benefit you. Foods in this state are naturally low in sodium.

Raw foods are high in other nutrients. Potassium, magnesium, folate, and fiber are all naturally found in living foods. In addition, digestive enzymes are replenished in your body when you eat raw fruits and vegetables.

The Arthritis Cure

Consuming raw foods has been shown to reduce the effects of arthritis. Not only will arthritis sufferers feel less pain from a raw foods diet, they will begin to eliminate the cause of their pain. This is due to one of the main causes of painful arthritis – acidosis.

Acidosis is the result of an acid-alkaline imbalance in your body. Normal acid-alkaline levels are balanced but some people experience too much acid and their bodies become highly acidic. Among other health problems like headaches, a high acidity is one of the leading causes of arthritis.

Cooking foods raises their acid level. Meats and other proteins, fish, poultry, and foods high in fats and sugar all become highly acidic when cooked. To return your acid-alkaline levels to normal you can begin eating raw foods.

And It Does Not End There…

There are many other illnesses and diseases that will improve or disappear when you begin a raw diet. You will create a whole new life for yourself with more energy and happiness than ever before. What’s stopping you? Start eating raw and change your life forever!

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