Living Food Diet

The living food diet, sometimes called the raw food diet, is an eating program scientifically proven to improve your health. Athletes, trainers, stars, and the average person can all benefit from eating a diet high in living foods.

Living Foods?

Living Food DietThe title ‘living foods diet’ is confusing to some people. Doesn’t all food keep you alive?

Yes and no! All food may keep you alive by providing calories but living food can improve your health and your quality of life. In this diet ‘living food’ refers to food that has not been cooked. Living plant foods are plant foods that have not been heated above 112°F to 116°F.

A diet high in raw or living foods contains healthy nutrients and life-building enzymes. Science has shown that cooking food destroys all of its nutrients. By consuming food in its natural state you get the nutritional advantages.

Digestive enzymes are one of the important nutritional substances found in raw food. These enzymes aid in breaking down digested food and helping the body absorb nutrients. Even though you are born with digestive enzymes they need to be replenished throughout your life. The best way to replenish them is by eating raw foods.

What happens if your supply of digestive enzymes is not replenished? Digestive enzymes are so important that if they are not present and breaking down food you can become very ill. Without these enzymes food is stored in your body and becomes toxic. This can eventually lead to very serious health problems.

The Advantages of Living Foods

One of the most popular advantages of the living food diet is weight maintenance. Eating a diet high in raw foods will keep your weight down. One reason for this is lipase, an enzyme that digests fat, is present in living food. Also, raw foods are not processed or cooked in high fat oils and other ingredients.

Living foods not only have a high digestive enzyme count, they are high in other minerals. Potassium, magnesium, folate, and fiber can all be found in raw foods. Raw plants also have other substances that improve health called photochemicals. And, plant foods in their natural state are low in sodium.

If you are worried about high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure caused by fats you will also find advantages in the living diet. Raw foods have fewer saturated fats and fewer trans-fats than cooked or processed food. This is partly because raw foods naturally have lower levels and partly because of cooking and processing methods that add fats to food.

A Healthier You!

Why are the advantages of the living diet important? All of the benefits listed above, and more, lead to great health. Proponents of the living diet experience fewer migraines, less back and neck pain, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, less anxiety, and fewer depressive episodes. And these are only a few of the many advantages that result from eating raw foods.

Getting and staying healthy does not have to be boring. The living food diet is delicious and exciting. You can create meals that include vibrant vegetables and juicy fruits. You can combine raw foods to create gourmet meals. With the living food diet you will experience endless possibilities on the road to better health.

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