Living Foods

Can living foods change your life for the better? Science and raw foodists say “yes” a diet high in raw or living foods can improve your physical and emotional health. This amazing diet plan can even extend your lifespan.

Food of the Living

Living Foods A live foods diet is a diet composed of 75% or more raw food items. These food items cannot be heated over 112°F to 116°F. Raw foodists believe that heating food beyond this point destroys all the nutritional value found naturally in the food.

Science backs up this belief. Studies have found that cooking food kills important digestive enzymes. Without these enzymes you are susceptible to serious illnesses and diseases.

You are born with a digestive enzyme supply but these enzymes become depleted as they are used in the digestive process when you age. As your body cannot reproduce these enzymes on its own you must provide them through the foods you eat – raw foods.

How It Works

Raw types of foods work to create a healthier system by providing you with the nutrients and enzymes lost when food is heated. Eating food in its raw and natural state provides you digestive enzymes, keeps the body from experiencing acidosis, and much more.

The digestive enzymes mentioned earlier work to break apart the food the food you eat and help with the absorption process. As you might imagine, without these helpful enzymes the food you eat that is not passed through the body is stored in the body. This stored food can be very dangerous and lead to serious, even fatal, health problems.

Raw foods naturally resupply your body with the needed digestive enzymes. This is the best source of these enzymes and once you begin to rebuild the enzyme level in your body you will see a vast improvement in your health.

Acidosis occurs when there is too much acid present in your body. This means your acid-alkaline levels are out of sync, swinging more toward the acid than the alkaline. This can lead to arthritis, headaches, gastritis, canker sores, sinus problems, and stomach aches among many other health conditions. Cancer cells thrive in an environment that is high in acid.

Acid forming foods include foods that are high in sugar, fat, and complex carbohydrates. In addition, fleshy, high protein foods are known to raise acid levels in your body. Examples of these foods include cooked meats, fish, poultry, tobacco, alcohol, cooked grain, and even some synthetic medicines and vitamins.

To balance your acid-alkaline levels and improve your health you must stop consuming acid building foods and eat a living diet. The more you cook or heat the food you eat, the more acid you are creating.

And That’s Not All…

Other immediate health benefits of living foods include weight loss and a decrease in obesity, a decrease in Type 2 diabetes, less pain, fewer migraines, and lower blood pressure. Even asthma can be improved by eating raw foods.

These facts, many of which have been scientifically proven, indicate that living foods can improve your health. Don’t be afraid to start a living foods diet today. You will find plentiful meal choices that are healthy and delicious.

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