Raw Diet

Our bodies are capable of great things. Despite this, they also require vigilant care. A raw diet is proof of a lasting and dedicated commitment towards cultivating our healthiest and more radiant self. After all, as the old adage goes “we are what we eat.”

The Long-Term Effects of a Short-Term Attitude

Raw DietEvery single food that passes our lips has a direct and significant impact on our entire bodily system. If you consume fatty foods, that fat gets distributed to all of the cells in your body making them lethargic and sick. These in turn cause disease, a lack of energy, dull hair and nails and even a shift in moods.

However, if you consume fresh, organic, raw fruits full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and vital nutrients, these in turn get passed along to the cells in your body making them efficient and healthy. You feel energetic, you sleep better, your body becomes resilient to disease and you feel in control of your life and your health. Imagine the power of feeling completely in control of your body! A raw diet will give you back that power.

The rise of convenience and fast food seems to mirror the rise in disease we’ve seen over the last three or four decades. This is no mistake. As a society, our diets have moved away from locally farmed produce and fresh meals at home to meals-on-the-go, pre-packaged food exploding with chemicals and preservatives and an attitude that one bad choice here or there won’t really hurt.

All About Choices

However, each and every choice that we make about what goes into our bodies has a long-term effect on our overall health. Much like brushing our teeth each day or drinking plenty of fluid, eating a healthy and nutritious diet is imperative if we want to have good health long into old age. There is no compromise and there are no excuses when the consequences are things like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer and more.

That is where a raw diet, paired with regular exercise, comes in. It’s not a fad or a quick fix. This is a life-long commitment to treating your body with the care and respect that it deserves. The power of consciously choosing wellness for our future is incredibly empowering.

Counting Calories and Other Unmentionables

If weight loss is something that has become necessary due to health problems or a general lack of wellness, a raw diet is a healthy and natural way to shed fat while giving your body exactly what it needs. It is in no way a fast, easy fix nor is it about deprivation and starvation. Instead, it is a philosophy and a way of life that gives you permission to only eat the foods that your body needs for optimal performance.

Many people question the importance of a vegan raw diet, so consider the following: animal products are full of parasites, hormones, disease, bacteria and digestion is difficult on your body. Why would you want to ingest something that filled your delicate system with these things?

Ultimately, the key to a healthy life is simplicity: raw fruits supplemented with some raw vegetables, seeds and nuts; regular exercise; avoiding alcohol and narcotics; treating your body with respect. There is no magic pill or a secret formula. Simply take the time to recognize exactly what you need for the healthiest and best life imaginable by going back to basics. Your body and your future depend on it.

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