Raw Food Benefits

Raw food benefits can be yours with a few simple dietary changes. Changing to a diet of living foods will immediately give you more energy, boost your immune system, and improve your mind. You will have less of a chance of falling victim to severe illnesses. You can even extend your lifespan with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

The Science of Raw Food

Raw Food BenefitsRaw food benefits stem from better digestion. Consuming raw foods replaces important nutrients that you lose over time. Cooked foods do not have the nutritional value to replace these enzymes.

Food that has been cooked above 112 to 116 degrees has no digestive enzymes. These enzymes are necessary for the break down and absorption of the food you eat. Without digestive enzymes your body will store waste which will become toxic. It is this waste that leads to many diseases and health problems.

Scientific studies show that eating a diet high in raw foods replaces these enzymes every time you sit down to a meal. You will also get a boost of nutritional power from other minerals and vitamins found only in raw foods.

Getting Started

Sometimes, the fear of the unknown out rates the raw food benefits. People think all raw food meals are plain and bland. They consider it to be bunny food. This could not be further from the truth. Raw food can be prepared in many different ways to achieve gourmet results.

A raw food diet includes fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables. You can combine many different components of the diet to achieve new and exciting flavor profiles. Exotic, international, regional, and many more meals can be prepared using living foods.

Meal Prep

Another common misconception is that a raw food diet is expensive. You may fear the high price of specialized equipment or organic foods. The truth is the benefits of eating raw food far outweigh the costs. And, a raw food diet is only as expensive as you make it.

The two main pieces of equipment for the new raw foodist are a dehydrator and a food processor. A dehydrator can be used to create many unusual and imaginative meals such as a living foods pizza or raw food pastry shells. A food processor is great for chopping and dicing. It is an excellent time saver.

Another great piece of kitchen equipment is most likely already a part of your kitchen. A blender is perfect for pureeing fruits and vegetables and making smoothies.

Your Choice

Raw food benefits are available to vegans and vegetarians. A raw food vegan consumes only fruit and vegetables. She will avoid all meat, dairy, eggs, and other meat by-products. Also, the vegan will only eat food if it is in its natural state and has not been processed.

A raw food vegetarian does eat a limited amount of dairy products and eggs. The main part of their diet continues to be fruit and vegetables. And a premium is placed on food in its natural state. Click here to learn more!

You will immediately receive raw food benefits once you begin a living foods diet. You can start with small steps, one meal at a time, or take the plunge and go for it from the very beginning. No matter which way you convert, you will find a new, healthier you underneath all the processed foods you have been eating.

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