Raw Food Cuisine

Raw food cuisine refers to delicious and inspiring dishes that can compete with those served in the finest restaurants. If you believe that a living foods diet includes only boring salads and some carrots, then you are in for a wonderful surprise. There are numerous recipes using only raw foods that are creative and delicious, and when presented properly the dishes are world-class and elegant.

Raw Food Gourmets

Raw Food CuisineWhen you eat at an expensive restaurant, one of the first things you notice is that the quantity of food is smaller than what is normally served at home. You will also notice it is carefully arranged on the plate in order to enhance the dining experience. Is that what cuisine is all about?

The word “cuisine” actually refers to various styles of cooking. That elegant Thai dish or the exotic Polynesian recipe are cuisine. There are many connotations associated with the word such as the presentation of the dish, the use of unusual ingredients, and out of the ordinary recipes.

Now say the word diet and what happens? You might think of the food pyramid and a bland and boring selection of ordinary ingredients. So what is raw food cuisine in a raw food diet?

Creative and Exotic

Raw food gourmets faithfully following the living foods diets are not interested in eating the same foods day-in and day-out. Anyone adhering to a particular healthy eating style knows it’s important to vary the recipes and ingredients. There are wholesome and healthy raw food recipes that are every bit as exotic as those plates of small portions you pay dearly for at the restaurant.

In fact, you can make just about any dish you want using plant foods. For example, zucchini spaghetti is delicious and with a seasoned marinara sauce you will think you are eating at the finest Italian restaurant. Or you can make pesto sauce with hemp oil, Thai vegetable dishes using one of the many curry powders for the intense seasoning, gazpacho soup out of watermelon, or hundreds of other exotic recipes easily found online.

In addition, you don’t have to choose the same plant foods every day. There is more to life than carrots and broccoli. Stuffed mushroom caps, delectable fruit cobblers, seasoned kale, and fascinating international vegetables can add the creative and exotic to your raw foods diet.


When you visit a gourmet restaurant, the food beautifully arranged on your plate is the end result of a chef’s imagination. You too can enjoy raw food cuisine by taking advantage of your blender and juicer, carefully selected ingredients, and your imagination to create any style of local or international food dishes you want including the vegetarian version of the American hamburger.

The best news though is that you will be able to enjoy your meal without worrying about eating unhealthy or fattening foods. The dishes made with raw foods are light, wholesome, and healthy.

But for true cuisine, just make sure you consider presentation of the food on the plate! No one will ever know you left out the fat!

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