Raw Food Detox Diet

A raw food detox diet is the number one way to jump start any health or exercise program. Flushing toxins and chemicals from your body will boost your immune system, immediately improve all aspects of your health, and prepare your body for exercise.

Why Detox

Raw Food Detox DietYour day to day life puts your health at jeopardy. What you eat, the environment you live in, and lifestyle choices all have the potential to deposit poisonous toxins and chemicals into your system.

A raw food detox purges away these poisons that have become stored in body fat and cells. It works by replacing needed nutrients so you are better able to digest food and increases the function of your metabolism.

Dietary enzymes, naturally occurring enzymes found in your body, must be replenished over time. These enzymes work to break down the foods you eat so it can be flushed from your body. When food is not broken down properly it becomes waste which is then stored in your body fat and cells.

This stored food can lead to serious illness and disease such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and much more. A raw food detox diet can remove these toxins and prepare your body for a healthy existence.

Why Raw Foods?

Raw foods are the chosen mechanism for flushing toxins from your system. Raw foods are high in digestive enzymes and replace the ones your body has used through the years. Replacing the digestive enzymes allows your body to break down food

A raw food detox allows you to eat as much as you want while detoxifying. This is not true of many detox diets and is the main reason why most of them fail. The ability to eat while cleansing your system is a major benefit, say raw foodists.

There is scientific reasoning for the raw food detox diet. According to raw food experts once food has been cooked the healthful nutrients are no longer active. Food that is heated above 112°F to 116°F is no longer healthy. Raw foods, fruits and vegetables, are the best source of nutrients you will find.

Free Rads

Yet another major advantage of a raw food diet concerns free radicals. Many of the traditional cooked and processed foods you eat contain free radicals which are blamed for intensifying the aging process and have other damaging effects.

Raw foods not only are free of free radicals, they also help reverse damage done by free radicals in the past. A diet high in raw foods will smooth your skin and decrease the signs of aging. Raw foodists are noted for their young appearance.

The Best of the Best

A review of raw food sites will show you the many different philosophies. There are raw foodists who eat only fruit, ones who drink only juice from fruit and veggies, and even ones who eat raw meats and fish.

The most promising diet is from Dr. Douglas Graham. He promotes a raw food detox diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables. The 80/10/10 diet encourages followers to consume 80 of their daily calories from fruit, (carbohydrates), 1- percent from fats, and 10 percent from proteins.

A raw food detox diet is the first step to a new and healthier you. Don’t put off starting this amazing journey any longer.

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