Raw Food Diet Menu

A raw food diet menu can be vibrant, eclectic, and absolutely delicious. A wide variety of ripe, fresh fruits and vegetables can be creatively combined and turned into true gourmet meals. And, the best part is that it isn’t difficult. Creating yummy and healthy raw food items is very easy and does not require intensive practice or a multitude of expensive equipment.

The Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet MenuBefore discussing a raw food menu it is important to understand the reasoning behind raw diets. Why would anyone want to eat raw foods in large quantities?

There are good, scientifically sound reasons for beginning a raw food diet. Foods that are cooked no longer have any nutritional value. All of the nutrients have been cooked out of the food.

On the other hand, raw foods contain an enormous amount of nutrients – vitamins and minerals – that are great for healing what ails you.

A Great Start

A great start to a raw food diet menu is an appetizer. Just as with traditional meals a raw food appetizer should be bite size and savory. An example of simple raw food beginnings are fruits dressed in a honey and lime sauce, bite size raw vegetables, and mushrooms or other vegetables marinated in vinegar.

For a more creative appetizer you can combine raw food items that will result in something truly unique. For instance, stuffed mushrooms can be made from a mixture of pine nuts, garlic, cilantro, lemon juice, tomato, and other herbs you like.

All of these ingredients can be mixed together to form a raw pesto. Next, stuff mushroom caps with the pesto and place them in a dehydrator set at 105 degrees for up to 4 hours.

A Delicious Middle

There are many, many entrees that can be created using raw produce. A raw food diet menu is not limited to a fresh vegetable plate or a salad. You can create such scrumptious entrees as living burgers, raw veggie pizzas, vegetable lasagnas and much more.

As a side dish mashed potatoes are very popular. They can be recreated for the raw food diet menu using cauliflower. The first step in creating living mashed potatoes is to chop your cauliflower. Next, toss in flax seed oil and any spices you enjoy.

Once the ingredients have been combined the mixture can be transferred to large metal bowl. Place this bowl on the heating element of a coffee pot to gently bring the temperature to 105°F. At this temperature nutrients will not be destroyed but the elements of the dish will be combined.

A Beautiful Ending

All great meals end with dessert. This is also true on the raw food diet menu. You can choose a simple fruit platter or a more involved cobbler or pie made from fresh fruits.

The perennial favorite chocolate chip cookies can be easily recreated from raw food items. Begin with a mixture of dried fruits and nuts. Shape this mixture into cookies and add carob bits that have been sweetened with fresh apricot juice and fresh honey to the top. These are actually yummier than the real thing!

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