Raw Food Diet Plan

A raw food diet plan should be adopted in a healthy lifestyle that promotes natural weight loss, reduced toxins and increased energy. A raw food diet is a simple, healthy and effective way to eliminate the carcinogens that abound in cooked foods and over-processed meals.

Do’s and Don’ts of Raw Foodism

Raw Food Diet PlanOur bodies evolved over thousands of years on a diet rich in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Though you hear stories of some people that embark on a raw food diet developing vitamin B-12 or calcium deficiencies, it is largely based on a lack of knowledge and planning. If you understand the basics of how a raw food diet plan works, you will be on a path towards a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

The definition of raw food is any food that hasn’t been subjected to temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures over 118 degrees, enzymes begin to break down, thus draining food of its full nutritional potential. By consuming unheated, raw products that are bursting with natural enzymes and antioxidants, your body will receive the best possible diet and without any of the toxins found in cooked foods.

A raw food diet plan typically encourages an 80-10-10 rule with at least 80% of the diet coming from fruits and no more than 10% from protein, no more than 10% fats (seeds and nuts). Choosing the right kinds of seeds and nuts is essential. For example, flax seeds are an excellent source of Omega-3’s and Red Star Nutritional Yeast with vitamin B-12 is a fantastic addition when it is sprinkled over sliced fruit or a salad.

Vegan or Not?

Though the majority of raw food dieters are entirely vegan, some people choose to include raw, non-pasteurized milk, raw meats and fish or raw egg. There can be significant health hazards in consuming certain animal products in their raw, uncooked form. As it is, our society tends to consume too much protein. The most healthy and supported form of a raw food diet is entirely vegan.

Another popular method for encouraging the maximum nutritional benefit in raw grains and legumes is sprouting. Using a combination of moisture and warmth, sprouting leads to increased metabolic energy. Numerous resources are available on the benefits of sprouting if you are interested in learning more. It can be a fantastic method to add to your raw food arsenal.

Raw Food Diet Plan Meal Suggestions

There are numerous recipe books available for raw food diets that are full of creative and fun methods that make a raw food diet plan interesting and fun. Though you don’t need any fancy kitchen gadgets, it can make your meal planning much easier if your kitchen includes a blender, a high-quality juicer and a dehydrator.

Breakfast for raw food eaters typically consists of a few pieces of fresh fruit, a fruit-seed-nut smoothie or even muesli (raw rolled oats, dehydrated fruit and nuts).

There are a number of raw food products available in health food stores if you like to snack or if you travel frequently and need on-the-go items. The next time you visit your grocery store, ask your grocer if they carry any pre-packaged raw food items. If they don’t, encourage them to consider stocking a few that you would like to try. Click here for more information.

A Great Raw Deal!

Main meals for a raw food diet plan usually include hearty salads, cold soups, sprouted-legume loaves and creative versions of cooked favorites like raw chili or raw tomato sauce over vegetable curls. It is important to remember to diversify your fruits to ensure a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your daily diet.

If you aren’t a fan of dark leafy greens, consider juicing them along with a few pieces of fruit to mask their flavor. If you’re looking to save money, make your own snack bars out of chopped dates, fruit, seeds, raw grains and a touch of fruit juice instead of purchasing pre-made raw food bars. Click here to learn more!

A raw food diet is healthy, smart and easy to implement if you use a little creativity in your meal planning. By cutting out the fat, toxins, preservatives and needless sugars, your body will become lean, efficient and more energetic than it’s ever been.

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