Raw Food Meals

Raw food meals can bring about big changes in your health. Adding raw foods to your current diet or switching to a raw foods diet will have you waking with energy, ready to face the day.

The Why of Raw Foods

Raw Food MealsRaw food meals have a higher nutritional value than cooked meals. Once food is cooked, studies show, it loses any nutritional value that it has. But, raw foods keep their nutritional value and are extremely healthy.

This is the reason that raw foodists promote a living foods lifestyle. Adding raw foods to your diet will help you maintain a healthy weight, lessen your chances for heart disease and cancer, improve your mood, and much more. All of these incredible benefits are fresh, natural, and found at your local produce stand – or in your backyard garden.

A Proper ph

For great health your body’s ph balance must be maintained. Raw food makes this possible naturally. You will not have to take supplements or medicines to keep your ph balanced when you eat a diet high in nutritious raw foods.

Your ph balance reflects the amount of acid in your body. Acid-alkaline levels that become unbalanced can lead to severe problems like intense headaches and arthritis.

When your body becomes too acidic it is said to be in a state of acidosis. This is a dangerous state and you will want to return to a normal ph balance as soon as possible. Once again, raw food is the answer. Cooking foods not only decreases their nutritional value it also makes food more acidic.

The Right Enzymes

One nutritional element destroyed when food is cooked is the digestive enzyme. Digestive enzymes work hard to help you digest food. If they are not present in your body the food you eat becomes stored in your body and can eventually lead to chronic illness, even cancer.

Raw food contains digestive enzymes and can replace the ones you have lost in your body. Cooked foods do not have this ability because the digestive enzymes have been destroyed.

The Right Raw Foods

Once you decide to add raw foods to your diet you will realize you have a huge variety of living plant foods to choose from. Raw food meals include fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and even seaweeds. Some cold-processed foods are also included on a raw foods diet. Processed foods that are allowed include cold pressed oils, butters made from raw nuts, fermented foods like kimchee and miso, and some soy sauces.

The best selection of fresh produce for raw food meals can be found at your local produce stand or can be grown by you. If you do not have room for a garden the produce stand is your next best choice.

A produce stand carries fruits and vegetables that are ripe and in season. In many cases, the items found at these stands are organic which adds to their value. No harmful pesticides will have been used in the harvesting process and passed on to you.

The yummiest raw food meals will consist of ripe, seasonal produce. Fruits and vegetables that are currently in season have the best flavor. For exciting and scrumptious meals stop by your local produce stand and stock up on beautiful, juicy living foods.

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