Raw Food Products

Raw food products are popping up everywhere. They are more popular than ever and raw foodists from around the globe are now able to eat a living foods diet no matter where they live. Raw food products are available in grocery stores, farmers markets, your own garden, and can even be ordered from many restaurant menus.

Shopping for Living Foods

Raw Food ProductsWhen shopping for living foods it is important to know what is in season. The tastiest and healthiest fruits and vegetables are the ones that are currently being harvested.

The season for different fruits and vegetables varies. For example, oranges are best in Florida during when the rest of the country is experiencing cold winter weather. A real raw food treat can be fresh and ripe oranges, kumquats, and grapefruits shipped in season from Florida.

Other season fruits and vegetables include strawberries which peak in May or late spring and apples which are harvested in the fall. You will find all of these raw food products in your grocery store produce section throughout the year but they are at their prime during their harvesting season.

Test fresh raw food products before you buy. Many times you can tell the freshness of a fruit or vegetable from its color or discolorations. Other times you might have to handle or smell the item to determine if it is ripe.

Ripe tomatoes are firm to the touch as are grapes and squash. Watermelons can be thumped to determine freshness – a hollow sound means you have found a delicious watermelon. The stems of cantaloupes can be smelled for freshness. A sniff can determine if the cantaloupe is ripe.

Where to Shop

Raw foods can be found in more and more venues as the popularity of living food diets spreads. As mentioned before, these products can be found in your local grocery store, at a produce stand, or in your own backyard.

The best raw foods are the ones you grow yourself. A small garden in your backyard can be a wonderful thing. Plant items according to the season and learn various farming techniques so your fresh grown vegetables will grow and do well. Fresh herbs can be grown in small jars in your windowsill. They need small amounts of water and sunlight and flourish in household temperatures.

The next best option for obtaining raw foods is a local farmer’s market or produce stand. You can almost always find a produce stand near your home. If you live in the city some stores stock fresh, local produce. Ask the store manager where his produce comes from and if he would consider stocking local, seasonal items. Learn about organic foods here.

Many more grocery stores are stocking fresh produce. In the recent past it was very difficult to find seasonal raw foods at large grocery stores but the trend toward better health has changed what you find on your store’s shelves. Take advantage of what your store stocks that is seasonal and looks good. Click here to learn about raw food websites.

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