Raw Food Websites

Raw food websites are one of the best ways to discover the many advantages of raw food diets. Athletes, superstars, and the average person log on daily to learn about raw food diets, get raw food recipes, and chat with other raw foodists.

Finding the Answers

Raw Food WebsitesTo learn about the current trend in eating raw foods for better health you do not have leave your home. A plethora of information is available on the internet from many different websites.

A quick scan of several raw food websites turned up quite a bit of helpful and informative information. It’s easy to learn about the raw food diet basics, what the health benefits of the raw food diet are, and many other facts from actual raw foodists.

Websites also give you the scoop on the best raw food diets. The most successful to date is from Dr. Douglas Graham. The 80/10/10 diet encourages eating 80 percent fruit and 10 percent each of proteins and carbs.

The Beginning

Once you have surfed the various websites for information about the raw food diet you may decide that it is for you. The health benefits are vast and the websites make it sound easy and delicious, because it is with a small amount of planning and effort.

Several websites walk you through the initial process. You will learn how to slowly add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet and what your goal should be. The average raw foodist, according to most sites, consumes a diet composed of 75 percent raw foods. These websites will help you work your way up to that percentage.

Experienced raw food dieters write blogs daily about their raw food experiences. You can find specific blogs written on the first days of the raw food experience. Are you feeling lightheaded? Others may have also experienced this as their body adapted to a raw food diet and can offer your advice.

The Middle

Websites are also beneficial once you have become a raw foodist. You can log on to many sites for recipe ideas and suggestions. If you become bored with the meals in your repertoire you can surf the net for new and creative ideas others have posted.

Support can also be found on these websites. If you live in an area where there is not a large raw food movement, or are the only raw foodists in your home, you will find the help and support of others on the internet invaluable.

And, the internet can help you achieve your health goals. You can research what foods contain certain nutrients and which nutrients are helpful in certain situations.

For example, raw food diets are known to help prevent cancer. Which raw food can you eat to receive cancer preventative benefits? According to numerous raw food websites foods that are rich in carotenoids are great at creating an unfriendly environment for cancerous growth.

The End

There really is no end to the raw food experience. You can continue consuming healthy raw foods for the rest of your life. A raw food diet has even been proven to extend your life –from the national average of 65 to 70 all the way to 100 years!

There is also no end to the raw food learning process. Raw food websites are constantly updated and new blogs and vlogs are posted daily. You will never want for information on raw foods. Here’s to happy surfing on some great raw food websites!

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