Raw Foods Diets

Thanks to a number of kitchen innovations, raw foods diets have become easier than ever to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Though many people dedicated to the raw food way of life get by without any fancy kitchen appliances, having a few important gadgets can take raw foods diets from basic to gourmet in no time.

The Ever Popular Juicer

Raw Foods DietsLet’s take a look at the two most important appliances for the raw food (un)cook to see how they can diversify your meal planning and make raw eating more convenient than ever.

Though the juicer is typically the most expensive accessory for the raw diet kitchen, this machine is well worth the initial investment. High-powered and a bit cumbersome to clean, modern electric juicers can work wonders on almost any fruit or vegetable in the kitchen.

Juicing is a great way to introduce new, leftover or disliked produce into raw foods diets. By extracting the pulp and leaving the juice, the food’s enzymes, vitamins and minerals are all preserved for a concentrated punch of nutrients in every sip.

The only foods that you should avoid juicing are high-fiber, low-water items like bananas, avocados or coconut. If you are juicing anything with a thick skin or a hard pit, it’s wise to remove these prior to dropping the food into the machine to help preserve the motor and blades.

Don’t be afraid to try crazy combinations, either. Red peppers and carrots become tremendously sweet treats after being run through a juicer. Greens can be juiced and the flavor masked by throwing in an apple and a few berries or a carrot. You can even turn simple fruit juice into a citrus marinade or a tangy salad dressing.

A juicer is a fantastic way to try a wide array of produce, plus tossing a few fruits into the machine gives you a quick and simple drinkable meal anytime you’re on the go.

Blend Your Way to a Meal

From soups and smoothies to raw marinara sauce and basil pesto, raw foods diets will benefit greatly from the convenience of a high-quality blender and the endless options it brings to your meal planning.

For breakfast simply throw a few pieces of fruit, a handful of seeds or nuts, some juice or water into your blender and within seconds you’ll have a delicious, healthy smoothie. Salad dressings are a breeze with an avocado and lemon or a few slices of ginger and an orange. Raw marinara is nothing more than a few fresh tomatoes, a handful of Italian herbs, a clove of garlic and a few bits of pepper if you like a little heat in your sauce.

Regardless of how you use them, blenders are an excellent way to supplement your raw food meals. Within a matter of minutes, it will make cold soups, fruit puree, fresh salsa or a creamy cashew dip. When you have a refrigerator full of fresh fruits and vegetables, you only need a bit of imagination and a creative palate for a delectable, nutrient-rich raw meal anytime you need it.

Blenders are a vital tool for any raw (un)cook in the kitchen. Plus, they are easy to clean, fairly portable and widely available in most home or kitchen stores at reasonable prices.

Lastly, if you’re looking for further ways to simplify your raw food kitchen, invest in a dehydrator and a food processor. You’ll be well on your way to a gourmet raw kitchen and countless variations of your favorite recipes.

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