Raw Foods

Raw foods and raw diets are among the most popular and healthy diet choices around. Athletes, Hollywood stars, and the everyday person are discovering that a raw diet makes you feel better than ever and improves your overall health. There are several different raw diets, each with their own proponents.

Raw Veganism

Raw FoodsFoods in the raw veganism diet include only raw plant food that has never been processed. This is the most popular form of all of the raw diets.

Raw veganism can be further subdivided into raw food specialties. Fruitarians eat only fruit, fruit juices, and some nuts. Juicearians consume only juices. They use a juicer to make juices from both vegetables and fruits. Sproutarians eat different vegetable sprouts like bean sprouts.

The foods consumed in raw veganism will leave you energized, help you lose weight, and boost your health.

Raw Vegetarianism

If you already are aware of the difference between vegans and vegetarians you will understand the difference between raw veganism and raw vegetarianism. Raw vegetarianism is very similar to veganism in that it excludes all meat products. Other meat by-products like gelatin are also not eaten on this diet.

Raw vegetarianism is not as prevalent as veganism. Unlike veganism, a raw vegetarian may eat dairy and egg.

Raw Foods – Animal Diet

The raw diet that includes animal products is called the Paleolithic diet. It is composed of food items that can be eaten in their natural state – raw. Meat, organs, eggs, dairy products, and animal foods that have been aged are favorites of Paleolithic dieters.

Century eggs, fermented meats and fish, and Kefir – a fermented milk product - are unique to the animal diet. Usually grains, nuts, and beans are not a part of this diet. Paleolithic dieters are very exclusionary. They feel that harvested foods belong to the Neolithic era and should not be a part of their diet.

Dieters who follow this diet plan are very particular about the temperature of their food. They do not allow food to be cooked over 104°F. Raw vegans and raw vegetarians will eat foods that have been heated to 116°F.

Smoked meats can be included in the animal diet. Some Paleolithic purists do not eat any smoked foods but others include meat smoked in a cold smoker as a part of their diet.

The immediate concern for Paleolithic dieters is bacteria. But, recent studies at Cornell University have shown this may not be the huge issue it was once believed to be. Beef from grass fed cows is 300 times less likely to contain e. coli bacteria than grain fed animals.

What to Avoid

Just as with any diet there are certain foods to avoid in the raw diet. Some could be harmful to your health. For example, the greens from raw buckwheat are very toxic and must always be disposed.

Kidney beans are another food that cannot be consumed raw. Both kidney beans and the sprouts from these beans are poisonous in their raw state. Also, apricot kernels contain a chemical that breaks down into cyanide, an extremely dangerous poison.

The dangers of raw foods are few and no match for the many health advantages. Raw foodists claim to be among the healthiest people on earth. Studies are currently underway that just may prove this claim true.

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